Hello all,
I got propose for EBI software R410 R1 but have a lot confusing with EBI software module features. Please anyone who know give me some explanation about their module - Followed items i got from EBI R310. I hope they not much change on R410 R1 .

EBI - Database - It's seem core software for configuration and interface builder.

SWEBI-DB2000 EBI 1-2000 reader / 0-30000 point license
SWEBI-DB2000 EBI 1-2000 reader / 0-30000 point license + Redundancy - what is Redudancy - for additional point or backup server ?

EBI - documentation - > What exactly documentation/content i will get with these items ?

SWEBI-DOC EBI Documentation kit
SWEBI-CD EBI software on CD-ROM only

Additional Client Connections (Station & Browser) - How many client connection at once time for standard package EBI R410 ? In which situation we need order addition client connection ?

SWEBI-ST1-100 Additional Station Connection license
SWEBI-STB1-100 Additional Browser Connection license

Building Management Interfaces - I'm understanding they will republished the existing/dedicated system interface (Excel 5000) on honeywell EBI workstation - should have both systems (excel and and EBI) running at once time. But what difference between point server <> scan task ? direct vs dial-up vs classic vs IRC ?

SWEBI-IF-XL5DIR Excel 5000 Direct interface license (point server)
SWEBI-IF-XLNET Excel 5000 interface license (scan task)
SWEBI-IF-XLDIAL Excel 5000 Dial-up interface license (scan task)
SWEBI-IF-XLDIALDIR Excel 5000 Direct Dial-up interface license
SWEBI-IF-XLCL Excel Classic interface
SWEBI-IF-IRC Excel IRC interface

Security Management Options - Is these modules for "integrated with dedicated system" only or they also have features of relating management software (card holder, lighting control,...) ?

SWEBI-OP-PHOTOID Integrated PhotoID license
SWEBI-OP-DMANTIM Deadman Timer license
SWEBI-OP-SHFTMAN Shift Management license
SWEBI-OP-LGHTCON Lighting Control license
SWEBI-OP-INCIDNT Incident Reporting
SWEBI-OP-ENCRYPT Communication Encryption for PCSC, FS90, NexWatch and I9000 interfaces
SWEBI-OP-PPLSFT Cardholder PeopleSoft Interface
SWEBI-OP-CDDB Cardholder Database Interface
SWEBI-IF-CHOM Cardholder Object Model Interface

Life Safety/ Access Control / Security Management interfaces -As my understanding, these modules only collect data to EBI database and make EBI R410 to have capability to do some tasks (monitoring, scheduling,...) for dedicated system, is it right ?

SWEBI-IF-FS90 FS90 Plus (Fire only) interface license
SWEBI-IF-XLS XLS 200 and XLS 1000 interface license
SWEBI-IF-XLS140 XLS 140 interface license
SWEBI-RO-UL UL Compliance license
SWEBI-IF-XLS80E XLS80 interface
SWEBI-IF-AMDYN American Dynamics CCTV switcher interface license
SWEBI-IF-MAXPRO Maxpro CCTV switcher interface license
SWEBI-IF-PACPEL Pacom/Pelco CCTV switcher interface license
SWEBI-IF-PANAS Panasonic CCTV switcher interface license
SWEBI-IF-VIDBLOX VideoBlox Interface license
SWEBI-IF-PHBURLE Philips/Burle CCTV switcher interface license
SWEBI-IF-APLEX Aplex interface license
SWEBI-IF-I9000D Intelliguard 9000 interface license
SWEBI-IF-SMP SMP security panel interface license
SWEBI-IF-TECOM Tecom Security Panel interface license

Open Systems Interfaces- What role's BACnet/OPC Server and Microsoft Excel Data Exchange module ? the standard EBI R410 R1 are specified as BACnet OWS/O-AWS so why i need these module or it's not inclued in standard R410 package ?

SWEBI-IF-ADVDDECL AdvanceDDE client license
SWEBI-IF-BACDIRCL BACnet Direct client interface license
SWEBI-NW-MEDE Microsoft Excel Data Exchange
SWEBI-IF-OPCCL OPC client interface license

Energy Manager Foundation - what function for these module ? Is they available for standard package R410 or should order separately ?
SWEBI-EM-FOUND Energy Manager Foundation (includes 100 meters)
SWEBI-EM-LOADMGR Load Management

PLC Interfaces - will these module accept EBI to collect data from the controller only or also can configure set-point ?

SWEBI-IF-MODIC Modbus interface license
SWEBI-IF-SIEMENS Siemens S5 and S7 interface license
SWEBI-IF-UMC800 Honeywell Universal Modbus (for the HC900 controller) interface license

Additional Options - what's these options ? I have no ideal about them. I got presentation about "Maintainance Mate, Tenant Energy Billing Application (TEBA) , Reach (SMS alarming) and iFacility" with R410. It's seem like they renew name for these module from R310.

SWEBI-OP-IMM Integrated Maintenance Manager
SWEBI-OP-GRPCON Group Control license
SWEBI-OP-GUARDTR Guard Tour license
SWEBI-OP-WEBPCTL Web Point Control
SWEBI-NW-APPTOOLS Applications Toolkit
SWEBI-NW-NAPI Network API for Windows

SWEBI-MSSQL-CAL Total number of Microsoft CALs required. - EBI is Microfsoft SQL based ? and what function of these module ?

Please give me some explanation.
Thanks a lot