hearthman: they must not be installing many IPI units over where you are... Although you probably dont do so many warranty calls like we do. Thats where hit most of the IPI stuff right now. Our division had to FIGHT with the RDC a year or two ago to make them stock more IPI units. We kept telling them thats all we were going to sell and they kept running out.... grrr.... They figured it out now and the only standing pilot stuff we sell is stoves and inserts.

One of my guys had a fun startup on an IPI unit today. Called me 3 times before he got it working. Replaced the IPI module, then the pilot. Ended up being that the ground wire in the harness was broken someplace under the shielding. Snipped the wire near the molded plug and added a new piece on and it worked fine. BTW I never suggested replacing the pilot... that was silly of him to try. If there is continuity from the rod tip to the spade on the end that should be fine.