Shoulda seen the jinx coming.

I was sitting at my PC at 7 am with a cup of coffee, dog had been out, fed and watered. I was scheduled off for lack of work, but often get called out as I'm mainly service. Got a request to assist on an install...huge 5 ton HP, 90% furnace, infinity stat, some metal work with the return etc.

No problem, I said...give me an hour. Turned out to be a poorly planned job and I spent almost the entire day outside in rapidly deteriorating weather. Not the first time, button up, hood on and no big deal.

But I hadn't touched my brazing rig in months and first noticed I was low on A. Switched the tank (mindful of this thread) and thought the Ox would last fine - but the damn thing just would not work right. Hard to keep lit, jumping all over the place, popping out. The wind chill was now around 17* and gusting 20-31, alternating light rain, sleet and snow. I finally gave up and borrowed another rig.

Everything fought me out there, unyielding bush in the way, frozen 6 gauge wire and whip. The weather alone made every simple step seem like an eternity.

Then a no heat call at was a long damn day for starting out as "nothing scheduled." And I could not help but remember thinking to myself yesterday, as the other couple of folks above said they hadn't had to use their rigs for months, that I probably would not have to look at mine till late spring.

The Karmic HVAC Gator in all his glory...