Hello to everyone on the forum!

My Wife and I recently just purchased our first home, and have been doing a ton of research on HVAC systems, brands, pricing, sizing, and other sort of HVAC specifics.

The home we bought resides in North-East Pennsylvania, near to Scranton. It was built sometime in the 50's and was never actually lived in. All the windows are single pane, and you can feel a breeze from all parts of the wooden panes. There is no insulation, a dirt basement, no working water, and no heat! Well, there are two fireplaces and a wood-stove hook-up, but I'm not really counting those as I won't be using them often, at least not as a primary source of heat anyways.

It's definitely a fixer-upper, and has been a fun project so far. We just finished tearing all the old drywall down, and installed a nice metal roof. Next, we are going to focus on replacing all the doors and windows (with low-e glass), insulating (leaning towards the foam over batt at the moment), and pouring concrete in the basement (after digging out and installing a french drain). Afterwards, we will be looking into a proper HVAC system. I'm about a month deep in my own research so far, and can't wait to hear what some of the pros have to say! As we get closer, I'll create a thread in the proper area about the specifics.

Thanks for reading, and I look forward to chatting with some of you!