In recent months I've had the chance to drive both of these cars through the city streets and highways of Houston. The hospital where I work has a fleet of dozens of these and other models as well but these are the ones I have driven. Honestly to me the Hyundai seemed a little more refined, quiet and comfortable inside and the integrated control console was neato. The Ford I drive lacks the info-center. The acceleration on both is very good and the range was never an issue on either car. I think the Fusion claims an overall economy of 47mpg and the Sonata 50-50mpg. In about 150 miles in the Ford one day I only felt the gas engine kick in once and it was pretty noisy and noticeable. When the engine in the Sonata kicked in it was imperceptible to me. The dash instruments were the only way I could tell.

Just wondering if anybody has driven either one or maybe something similar and what your impressions were?

After driving both it's really got me thinking about getting a hybrid someday.