One of are accounts calusa pines golf club. exclusive golf club 260 members 36 pro's in Naples FL. If you like golfing Google it, its a sweet place. I get there at 4:00 today to look at there kitchen unit. It's about a 10 ton package unit with 2 compressors. I shut off the unit and look in to see my comp's full of ice. I look in at my cooling coil and just the bottom half iced up about 5-6in. I think to myself that is a different ice pattern. My outdoor temp is 77 and last night temp was 58. Blower has new pulleys and new belt running at 60% of it's RLA. I do not think its a r22 prob knowing the charge was good about 25days ago. Coil is in good shape with nice clean filters. If its an airflow prob its electrical. I don't know if the set point at night is to low and running all night. It being a kitchen it might be hot at night calling for cool and the outdoor temp being 58 could make it an ice machine!!! I unplugged the comp's and opened the fresh air and will be back tom.