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    two cleaver brooks boilers lead lag

    I've got large cleaver brooks boilers piped in for lead lag and with a mixing valve for the secondary loop, both circ pumps run below 55deg, although when the right boiler runs on lead, the left boiler water temp is much lower(160 deg) and then it runs on low water limit (180), and when it switches lead to the left one the right one temp stays very steady at min 180 deg and does not have to run on low water limit any ideas what to look out for?

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    is it the way the boilers are laid out? where as the right boiler when on line helps to keep the left warm. follow the pipes

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    Flow through left boiler is greater than right possibly. Is there separate temperature controls for the lead and lag boilers? Is there isolation valves that close when the boiler is not firing?

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