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    ICP service call

    i recently went with another tech on service call on a new heat pump 2 ton condenser 3 ton ah other tech changed out door piston .042 pressures were 95@300 47 outsde temp vapor line about 85 degrees max my question is will this system run any better than this with the miss matched equipment any advice greatly appreciated i have limited experience with miss matched equipment

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    Usually if the A/H is a larger tonnage than the condenser, the indoor blower speed should be adjusted to match the capacity of the C/U. I'd use the blower performance chart of the A/H and aim for 450cfm/ton in heating and 400cfm/ton for cooling. That's ballpark, but should get close to proper airflow. I'd then check pressures and temperatures again after the blower speed adjustment, and then see where you're at.

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    thanks im sure it a variable speed blower

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