Just got an email that Veto has come out with their new backpack bag:

January 2013
TECH PAC-1 Announcement


Introducing the NEWEST in a LONG line of Workaholics: The Veto Pro Pac TECH PAC-1, which will be available at Veto Pro Pac dealers in the summer of 2013.

We invite you to visit us at the AHR Expo in Dallas (booth 5127) from January 28-30, 2013 at the Dallas Convention Center to preview the TECH PAC-1.

Veto Pro Pac has also been invited to present the TECH PAC-1 at the AHR Expo's New Product and Technology Theater at 1:30 on Monday January 28, 2013.

For more information about the AHR Expo and Veto Pro Pac click here.

The Veto Pro Pac Team

The Veto Pro Pac TECH PAC-1 is the first backpack tool bag designed for professional tradesmen. While other backpack tool bags are just mass market consumer backpacks with added tool pockets, Veto Pro Pac has once again redefined a product category with the TECH PAC-1.

Whether you are climbing ladders, working in the city, or transporting a variety of tools across long distances when running back to the truck is not possible, the Veto Pro Pac TECH PAC-1 is for professional tradesmen who need the design benefit of a functional tool bag as a backpack.

With Veto Pro Pac's innovative quick release handle for easy access to dual storage bay compartments, patented center panel, heavy duty construction and stabilizing injection molded waterproof base, the TECH PAC-1 is a backpack tool bag designed to carry hand tools, meters, gauges and other technological devices used in servicing equipment that is either located on roof tops with ladder access or in industrial buildings in cities where walking long distances is required.

The TECH PAC-1 is the first fully functional, professional grade backpack tool bag designed for real world worksite performance that:

1. Helps professionals maximize the tool that all their other tools depend on - their tool bag
2. Reduces multiple tool trips to the truck
3. Eliminates time searching for tools
4. Supports a professional image
5. Reduces the risk of lost tools

The TECH PAC-1 Features 47 pockets inside and out with ample room for hand tools, meters, parts boxes, cordless drills and impact drivers and other bulkier items such as manifold gauges and hoses.

DIMENSIONS: 21.5"H X 14"L X 9.85"W

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