I'm completely new to this site, only joined to hopefully get an answer. If this is in the wrong place, please let me know so I can post in the proper location.

So, here's my story.

I live in an apartment complex that isn't very well known for taking care of their residents. The ac thermostat worked just fine, but had no readings. It was an old mercury thermostat and all the red parts that are supposed to tell you things like what temperature it is in the apartment, and what temperature the ac is set to were either missing or off by about 30 degrees. I know I did not have the apartment set to 95 but that's what it was telling me. And no needle on the thermometer to tell me what the temperature actually was. So I complained to the office, they told me as long as my ac works, they give no s*ts.

Well, I guess I can understand. It wasn't a completely necessary replacement, just convenience and monitoring for me and my bills, so I went out and bought a new thermostat. This new one's nifty! You can program temperatures for days and times and it has a digital display and everything! <- should be taken as feigned excitement

So. I marked the wires, what colors went to what letters and all that, and replaced the thermostat. It took 45 minutes because I dropped the screwdriver at one point, and one of my ohhh soooo wonderful kitties decided it was play time and ran off with it >_< That was a fun game of tag... anyway, I hooked everything up properly, I think. I double-checked (I understand that an autoCAD drafting degree does not make me an electrician, I re-checked EVERYTHING and even read the manual!! *gasp*).

Now, the strangest thing happened. This one room - it should be the spare room but it's kinda turned into an office - used to be the coldest room in the apartment. If the rest of the apartment was 75 degrees, this room would be 65. At least. No matter what, it was always an exaggerated temperature. If the ac was on, it was freezing in this room. If the heat was on, it was boiling. Then I changed the thermostat. The apartment cools just fine. It's a 3/2, and both other bedrooms, the living room, kitchen, blah blah, are all the same temperature at 73 and it's nice! But this one room has gone from being the coldest to being a freakin' sauna. It smells like heater, it feels like heater, it feels like heater, I swear the heater is blowing in this room and only in this room.

There is 1 ac unit. There is 1 thermostat. Nothing changed except the thermostat. Literally 5 minutes before I took the old thermostat down, this room was cold. Ice box, freezing cold. Then I changed the thermostat, played with the programming, and let it run for a few minutes. This one room went from cold to hot in about 15 minutes and the rest of the apartment is fine. The whole apartment - every room except the office/spare bedroom - is a comfortable 73 degrees. This third room is currently 85.

HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE??????!!!!!!! Someone explain it to me before I check myself into a psych ward??! PLEASEEEEEE????!!!!!