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Hmmm... Lessee... Jesus and arming the public... definitely a topic that will stir debate.

Couple of thoughts:
Was Jesus here to conquer the world? It would appear not... as the world was not conquered when Jesus left (rose to heaven 40 days after he rose from the dead).
Was Jesus here to re-establish the nation of Israel (in freedom) on the dirt God gave them (current Israel)... again it would appear not... as they ended up fleeing for their lives around AD 70.
Was Jesus here to make a stand and conquer Satan and Evil? Well in the mainstream it would appear not... because evil has been around ever since... However...
Jesus DID conquer Evil in the Spiritual world (different than our physical world). The evidence of this victory is quite evident to those who study the Bible.
I don't see where Jesus did anything to promote nations or undermine them directly. Evil was obviously not vanquished from the earth.

The way I see it, Jesus was sent here to live and die a man. He chose to die for our sins, basically letting himself be a sacrificial lamb in order to allow us forgiveness of our sins. And God let him do it, his only begotten son. God delivered to mankind a great gift. Jesus multiplied the gift with his sacrifice.

Jesus was not here to save, destroy or preserve nations or peoples or ideologies or political systems. But save the souls of individual persons.

Not trying to start a theological debate, just my thoughts on the matter.