new problem, i have a retail customer with several 5 door ice cream cases. they are using a small rack system {protocol} with eprs on the frozen bunkers only. One of the 4 ice cream cases has a ball of ice that keeps building up arround the txv. It takes about 10 days to start becoming noticable and i have defrosted it for the third time. the doors all shut ok, the gaskets are new, and i haven't found any other access for air to leak in. this case is allong side of another just like it that does not have any build up. they are back to back with two medium temp cases and the other two ice cream cases are across the isle. The defrost is set for 4 per day and 22 min. long each. they are electric defrost and staggered with the other cases so that only one is in defrost at a time. the heaters all work and i have disconnected the early termination stat for this case but that did not seam to have any effect. An "educated engineer" from H P suggested " put a heat tape there". Anybody with a better idea?