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    Need help for noisy air handling unit..............

    Top of the Morning to you all. I have a customer who has a Trane heat pump system less than 1 year old in a very well constructed new home, and the air noise is just about enough to drive you out! I have been through the home, and cannot see anything that 'leaps out' as being the possible cause. Duct sizing is good, return air capacity is good, etc. As soon as you step through the front door, the air sound is very, very, noticable. Classic situation where they have to close registers in the bedroom to sleep and turn up the TV in the den to hear it. The ID unit is Model 4FWCA036A1000A matched with ID Model 4TWB3036B1000BA.

    System does an excellent job of keeping home comfortable but the sound is maddening!
    Any suggestions or has anyone else encountered similar problems and if so, what were your attempts at correcting?

    All the best,

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    Sound like you have a lot of volume.. Just because its new build doesn't mean its right.

    Ok so you went through all those stupid questions...but we need more...size of ducts. static pressure. fan speed, can you lower it? does it have balance dampers at each of the take offs?

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    Is the noise at all registers or just at the return? Be a little more specific.

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    How many supply registers and what size and the duct feeding and how long are they? How many returns, size and duct? What material is the duct made from? Are there canvas connectors in the trucnk lines.

    Sounds like the not enough openings, too small, short runs and metal round duct. How close did I get?

    If you can get to it short lengths of insualted flex is a quick cure if all else is ok.

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    Yeah, help us out with a little more info as far as static, some duct sizes, pics always help. We've encountered a few new construction homes where we have had to change the return grille or bend open the vanes on a stamped grille carefully because it sounds like a wind tunnel. It would be good to measure your FPM with an anemometer cause you could have excess air velocity. Like the others questioned, can you adjust fan speed?

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