several years ago i worked at a service company.
there was a guy there who came from Somalia.

he ended up choosing to be sent to America (with no skills),

his brother ended up being sent to China where the government placed him in classes to learn Chinese, and probably placed him in an upper-class 12 hour per day job, and no doubt he would earn an upper-class modest home.

meanwhile, the guy who is in America is left to rot in the streets, because the Socialists who took over our businesses feel that freedom means they don't have to pay anyone.

the scam in obvious.
some organization sent these brothers, unknowingly, to compare political systems.
at some point in time these guys will visit Somalia, and the message will be clear, "if you give up your freedom and fight for Communism you will earn more then anything freedom can give you"

of course there's that little set-back that if you sneeze the Commies will execute you, buy hey! that's only a small percent right?