I used to work on San Juan Island, WA doing resi, light comm & marine. I was given a 2011 Ford Transit for a service vehicle After months of running back to the house or shop for "stuff" I just kept throwing stuff in the back until it would fall out when I opened the doors. Well...one day I was asked to go by a high end clients vacation home and add some r410 to the system "on the west side" real quick before they arrived. Ok, four units on the west side and they are coming up the driveway and DONT want to be bothered. The last unit I checkneeds refrigerant. Why are we doing this now? Anyway I open my van and stuff starts falling out...I hate this van! I have to climb on top of the mountain and get the 410. Upside down with my lost screw driver poking me I get a glimpse of the bottle, grab it and run to the condensor and start adding refrigerant. Well...my discharge pressure is all over the place! WTF? that's not R410a....that's R401a(MP39)Do the routine...pull it all out and weigh the right stuff back in. Uh, hello sir...just finishing the final touches on your perfectly installed new system...no problem, just routine maintenance...you fishing this weekend? No...ok, sorry to bother you, I'll be leaving now...have a great weekend!
That's what I think of every time I see a Ford Transit Connect.
I know...I'm dyslexic...and impatient...and at fault...whatever