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    Humidy Control with Carrier Greenspeed bypass humidifier with Infinity Controller

    About 14 months ago I purchased a top of the line Carrier Greenspeed Heat Pump, Gas Furnace, Bypass Humidifier and Infinity Controller from my dealer. I have been very satisfied with the system with the exception of the humidity control. During the winter months the humidifier water solenoid cycles very frequently. The frequency is sometime 3 on-off cycles within a one minute period. This goes on for hours at a time. I have had my dealer check the installation and he has told me this rapid fire operation is intended for the unit. The solenoid is very noisy and is heard throughout the house as it cycles. It is disturbing. I was told the Greenspeed unit would be very quiet, and it is for the months that do not need humidification. Is there anything I can do so the humidifier solenoid cycles less?

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    If you tighten up the leaks in the house you won't need much, if any humidification.

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    Is there a supply register near the controller.
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    How many times must one fix something before it is fixed?

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    Supply registers are 8 and 10 ft away. I do not think this is the cause.

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    your greenspeed unit is quiet, the humidifier is not greenspeed, its just being used with one, you could try not letting the infinity control be the master for the humidifier and get a cheap duct mounted one that measures inside the duct instead
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