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    HVAC max-ed out or defect?

    My first post in this forum. Can you tell by these specs if our system is max-ed out or defective?
    We have regular maintenance done. Auxiliary heat is on and burning a hole in our pocket for the past 7 days.

    South Eastern Pennsylvania, Humidity: 44%
    All Electrical Home with Heat Pump (2540sqft): Furnace: Trane TWE048B14 // Heat Pump: Payne PH10

    Outside temp: 20F,
    Inside temp: 60F, register temp 68F, thermostat set to 72F

    Outside temp: 27F
    Inside temp: 68F, register temp 80F, thermostat set to 72F

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    Your heat pumps not working properly, call a pro to diagnose and resolve the issue. You should be getting ~95*-105* without aux heat and ~100~115* with aux and heat pump.

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    Yep. The unit will struggle as it gets colder outside, but you should see higher temperatures coming out of registers.
    I like DIY'ers. They pay better to fix.

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    I contacted my home warranty company and they have told me that my system is in working order. The low heat is normal because my system is old and the outside temperature is so low. Nevertheless they will dispatch a technician.

    How should I respond, if the tech tells me my system is fine and it is just not generating more heat?
    Do I have to live with 60F inside temp when it is cold outside (20F)?

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    Call your own pro and pay them to fix it and cancel your home warranty.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jtrammel View Post
    Call your own pro and pay them to fix it and cancel your home warranty.

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    The Payne is notorious for very slow performance. In cold weather it will take a Payne 20 minutes to come to pressures. You also have a mis matched system. If the indoor coil is larger than what the ph10 was specced then the high side pressure will be low which further aggravates the Payne's crappy cold weather performance.

    I suggest a system replacement because of your low ambient temps. The Payne will always blow cold and never shut off even if it is "working" correctly.

    A system that utilizes an outdoor TXV and an a demand defrost system is what I recomend.

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    did home warranty install the payne. remember with home warranty you get what you pay for
    We really need change now

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    Dump the home warranty company and whatever contractor they send. Google the horror stories about them.
    As suggested by someone earlier, find a competent local contractor and pay them to check your system.

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