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Thread: High gas bill

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    Only used the fireplace like 3 times back in Dec Jan. I was away for 3 weeks in Feb, had the temp at 60 and no other appliance was running. They charge the same amout for gas and delivery. My Aparment on the end unit, 2200 sqft was at 72 nonstop heating 2 floors was $88. How can my bill at 60 be double.

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    My last apartment was over $500.00 a month to heat. The one I am in now cost NOTHING. You know why? Because I have people living above, below, behind and on either side of me. I have to leave a window open in winter to stay comfortable.
    Every house, or apartment, is different.
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    possible its a 2 stage furncae only running on 1st stage. This would extend run time, increasing gas consumption

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    I have a 2100 sq ft modular that I converted into a duplex. 1 furnace is a 95% Luxaire (60,000) the other is a 40,000 Luxaire package unit (80%). I pay the gas and electric the highest gas bill this season was 135.30 (20.8 MCF) the highest electric this winter 95.00. Summer electric highest (august) was 175.00. I have the stats locked for a max of 70* heat and low of 74* cool.

    Time for an energy audit of your home.
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    Quote Originally Posted by B.C.Mech View Post
    possible its a 2 stage furncae only running on 1st stage. This would extend run time, increasing gas consumption
    Efficiency only drops by a small amount in 1st stage vs. 2nd stage, and the losses are often recovered by reduced cycling, lower power consumption and reduced duct leakage since static pressure is lower. It wouldn't be enough to explain this big of a difference. Otherwise modulating furnaces would have lower effciencies not higher.

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    why did they change the meter?? they'll never tell you it was malefunctioning though why else change it ???
    I had a simular issue though the bill was real high $980 when my meter was (changed on a maintenence rutine)???

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    when was your home built? If it's an old home it may not even have insulation in the walls.

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