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Recently sealed my ducts with mastic and started insulating them.

have you finished insulating them?
what are you insulating with?
are any ducts not insulated?
if the ducts were uninsulated for the month with the
higher utility bill...it makes sense.
but...do check to see if there is another issue.
gas leaks are nothing to play around with.

best of luck
I started sealing the ducts after the bill and am using this to insulate


Just started working in the crawlspace since we were busy with a problem with another room.

Heat comes out really hot and fast now with the exception of the furthest ducts in the kitchen. I started insulating the exchange and the ducts coming into the bedroom. The other ducts need replaced since whoever did the work has a round duct going into a square one and the other is just so compressed it had gaping holes which I fixed. The other is a flex duct which is just horrible, so I just sealed those till I replace em.