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    Quote Originally Posted by coolwhip View Post
    Whoever did that venting had their head up their flue.
    Especially with an induced draft, if the vent ever gets partially plugged it gets to vent at the water heater.

    Even with the old school draft box, if we did that there would be a good rise and also a Y not a T, that needs to be corrected soon, it's an accident waiting to happen.

    Also we never set a furnace down into the drain pan, we jack it up some to keep the water from being drawn into the blower it "will" seep through that bottom door, the suction will draw it in.
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    Is that a "copper fitting" in the W.H. gas piping line ?

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    Isn't the water heater supposed to be vented before the furnace ?

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    I thought that in apartments you were supposed to install the water heater in front of the furnace. That's how I see them here.

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    The water heater and furnace on a common vent is acceptable per code.

    The orientation of the tee is NOT acceptable.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mark beiser View Post
    The water heater and furnace on a common vent is acceptable per code.

    The orientation of the tee is NOT acceptable.
    Mark is correct.

    Even though an induced draft and h2o heater common vented is acceptable in the code book I bet we(meaning HVAC techs seeing it in the field) could have a good argument that the code book is behind on the times. Maybe I'll start a thread ; ).

    The way this is vented is def wrong wether it's passed inspection or not, the common vents that seem to work are when the units tie into a vertical Y fitting and it's run with B vent.

    This next part is for others, not mark : ).

    An induced draft 80% unit is rated as a category 1 appliance just like a natural draft water heater, meaning it uses stack effect/ natural draft after the inducer same as the h2o heater, once physics takes effect(properly run and tied together of course) both flues are in a negative pressure.

    Hopefully the code will get updated someday and because these setups are inviting problems, like spillage on the h2o heater when the furnace starts up but apparently some doses of flue gases are not a concern : /...

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    You don't energize a gas line thats power
    You presserize a gas line

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr Bill View Post
    Is that even legal? I have never in over 35 years seen that, but I know each local does things a little different. In Houston the inspector would probably ticket you for being on crack.
    You always have to discharge to a place that is clear there is a problem. Tying into a condensate line, you'd never know if it pop'd in the summer.

    Although this may be boiler only code, you can not have more than (3) 90's in the discharge, and you can never gang them with other discharge lines.

    The problem is that pop off valves are a warning that goes unnoticed, even though it's indicating unsafe operation.
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    nice expansion tank
    O wait yea lacking that too.

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    I can't believe this... A condo full of these? I think a license should be revoked

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    I don't get how some people can live with themselves...that is an obvious "deadhead" flue connection. Surprised people did not suffer some degree of respiratory distress.

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