I really get into idea of making my own custom made water cooled home AC system with capacity control based on how many rooms need cooling.
I'm going to use zoning dampers to cut off the rooms & ECM motor to control the airflow.
But on the ac side I'm not sure yet if I have to buy a copeland digital modulating scroll compressor(which seems to be very pricey for my own project) or put a VFD on a 3phase scroll compressor.

The large enough VFD for 3 ton machine should be around 4HP? I found one on ebay relatively cheap for 135(item #290520222870) & compressor for 260(item #190755360553)
My question is: VFD will be tough enough to carry LRA load of 88A on this compressor? & if yes, then how far with modulating of its speeds i can go up & down?

thank you