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Thread: Lon CO2 Control

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    Confused Lon CO2 Control

    Good Evening.
    I need help in my research, from Ventilation there is a control system, were we can control everything manually, but i want to put a CO2 sensor, wich will automatic swith on/off my ventilation.
    So i think the system map, will look like Ventilation-Control Panel-Automatic Control Panel with wireless connect to CO2 sensor.
    And one more thing the type of signal to build in control centre is a LON.
    And so the main question is what Control Centre, can i use in my system?

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    Not sure I am completely following you here, seems like a translation/language barrier. My understanding is a wireless CO2 sensor is very difficult to produce due to the power requirements of the CO2 sensing.
    As to what to use, you could use anyone's CO2 and just bring it back to a programmable controller or a controller that will accept the type of signal the CO2 is sending, mA, VDC, etc. Here's a LON sensor if you really want a LON one -
    Not sure on the control center comment unless with that your referring to a LON CO2 sensor.

    Good luck
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    Добро пожаловать на сайт для начинающих!

    Я вижу, ваш английский немного грубо и, возможно, "Google Translate" может помочь в получении ваших ответов?


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