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I started in the trades in my early thirties, first as a wood finisher, then as Corian countertop fabricator and installer, then as a cabinet builder and kitchen installer, and now for three years as a commercial repair/handyman. In the last three years I have done a ton of basic plumbing and electric and faced issues more mechanical and technical in nature. I have even had some hvac issues come up...

I am currently immersed in reading Modern Refrigeration and Air Conditioning which I have been told is the "HVAC bible". All I know is that I love it and believe that this industry is where my heart is...but I am 43. I am not too proud to be an apprentice, but I don't know that I could survive the cut in pay - I don't have a family, but I am a homeowner.

Is it too late for me?
Well, Lets see,

I hope 43 is not to old.

I just turned 44 today.
I am in student debt up to my eyeballs, and Currently in HVAC school fulltime.
I consider this my last shot at a meaningful trade.
Yes i have lived my life in the "other building trades".

I dont think our age, (early 40's) should be a bad thing. We have much to offer an employer.
lots of background experience. And we not to old to learn new tricks.

By the time i have my 5 years base experience in this trade, i will be 49 years old. thats still time enough to be good and viable in this field. (i plan on working until i am 60).

The money i make from this trade is all going toward a house boat, minus the expense of student loan repayment. so thats all down the road. i not even thinking of down the road

the work load of school is all i am living breathing and eating HVAC. As you will be as well if your going to school.

Go for it with gusto. Study hard. and give it your all.

being a carpenter, laborer, truck driver,ditch digger and all around handy man has been paying me the same $10-$12 hour for years now.
no reason starting the same wage as an apprentice in HVAC, a specialized trade, cant be beneficial in the long run. the wage can only go up from there.

I know there is money to be made in this trade. right now i try not to think about the dollars, I am in learning mode. not earning mode.

I study out of the same book as you. 7th edition.

Best of luck to ya.