Been getting some info from this site while researching hvac so i figured I would be better off signing up and participating instead of just lurking. A little bit about myself, im 21 currently residing in nyc. I have my high school diploma and about a year and a half of college completed (marketing degree).

I dont have much hvac experience other than working as an assistant in the bronx for family when they needed extra help. They dont have the time to train me and not having the knowledge to do much more then basic installs and giving a hand where needed there is not much i can do for them. This has lead me to start researching hvac schools so i can further learn the trade and get my hvac license. I have been looking into Boces in southern westchester for this course as it was recommended to me, but after contacting them i found out courses were filled for quite some time and the last thing i want to do is sit around waiting.

My cousin is a manager for an hvac business so i got in touch with him for some advice. He brought my attention to looking into getting a RMO license instead as he knows how hard driving around 24/7 can be and working as an rmo you would more likely be stationed in a building (my understanding at least). I know a lot of people on these forums have way more experience than me in these fields and am just looking for any advice and inputs that i can get as the last thing i want to do right now is waste time & money.

Some information i would be interested in receiving are the pros & cons of both hvac and rmo jobs and in your opinion which license i would be better of with and why. Is it hard to get a job with only a rmo license and little hvac experience? Working conditions of both in general. Are the schools worth the money and time for somebody who does not know much about the field other than the very basics? Details on the work i would be doing as an rmo. Difficulty of one vs. the other. And any other advice you think i may find useful. Also as I stated I'm new to the field so the easier you can explain it the better.

Also the school I would be attending for an rmo course would be Turner in NYC ( So if anybody has any information to share on that school that would be great as well!

Thanks in advance, i know i am asking for alot of information here so trust me when I say I really appreciate any help provided from you guys!!