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    California Gun Rush

    the 86ers

    California politicians who follow the same agenda as the D.C. Democrats are trying to pass anti-gun laws and have already closed a gun show by L.A.

    other gun shows are going on this weekend.

    attendance at gun shows has nearly doubled.
    gun shows opened at 9AM, but lines started forming at 5AM.
    some people waited nearly 2 hours to get in.
    gun show dealers are having problems keeping items in supply.
    ammo dealers have been moved outside because the lines are too long to keep indoors.

    nice work Obama!

    (i think someone was seen panning for ammo)

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    Ammo shelves here are empty, wonder where that california ammo is coming from...... wonder what its selling for too...
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    The local Walmarts are limiting purchases to three boxes at a time and usually sell it out by 9am or earlier.
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    NY is pretty much sold out of everything.

    Components are hard to find. small pistol primers have been out for two months, FTX projectiles in 223/5.56 and 30cal have been out for a long time. all gun powder is hard to find. there is no 223/556 ammo anywhere. 40, 45 and 9mm are out

    Magazines are gone.

    Give it two or three months and everything will settle out and things will get back to normal
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