The week before last I had to get a Cosmogas Embassy OneX condensing boiler/domestic hot water package going.

Nobody in the immediate area (southeastern WI/northern IL) sells stuff for them and the Embassy website only has sales agents. Google isn't turning much up either.

We ended up ordering from Embassy in NY and when the time came for the parts to arrive - no parts. And a call to Embassy revealed that nobody had actually put the order through - just taken the CC info and then did nothing. Derp. Idiots.

Which meant that our customer was without heat and hot water for considerably longer than they should have been.

These units are being installed more often around here because they're cheap. The local 'Community Action' weatherization program that helps low-income families farms out boiler and furnace installs to low bidders and the low bidders are installing these cheapo Embassy units.

So I'm going to be seeing more of them, and if there's a more reliable/closer place to get parts that would be great.