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    Thermal Imager for HVAC

    I know some of you have talked about using thermal imagers on here. What uses do you use them for? Does the company own the tool or the tech? Can you charge the customer for the "service"? What models or maufactures do you recommend?

    The company I work for is looking at getting one. I am trying to find out if the high cost is worth it.

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    They are great for finding thermal bypasses and missing/insufficient insulation and duct leaks. Gives a great visual aid to assist in selling duct jobs and thermal envelope sealing work. It's more of an energy auditor's tool. I have the flir B300, it was $10,000 the company pays for it.

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    I've literally sold truck loads of insulation with my Ti32.

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    I am a commercial AC service tech. I purchased a Flir i7 and love it. I've found all sorts of extra work just by walking around scanning stuff. Makes it very easy to explain things to customers when they can see the problem. Ie. your system was running 24/7 and people complaining because the supply air is being pulled right into the return... see this "purple cloud" on the screen being drawn into that "orange" hole??


    There's your problem.

    Oh, go ahead n fix it.


    I find so much missing insulation in commercial buildings and ceiling spaces its beyond ridiculous, its to the point I should hook up with an insulation company and start flipping in leads.

    I would be careful about what you charge for, you will aslo need to get certified as a thermal imager. Flir includes the software and training to do this with the purchase.

    I couldn't be happier with my i7, for $1800 it has been worth every penny.
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    I wish I had one last week when we were looking for the spot that was plugged up in a boiler condensate return line.

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    I wish our company would buy one. Facilities we work at check electrical panels to spot bad connections. I could see a lot of possibilities to detect problems, prevent issues, save energy, and make money.

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