Good day All,

I was curious if anyone else is seeing an abnormal amount of FX60 failures in the field? I ask as a few firms that I work with are seeing FX60's failing after 2-3 years in the field. One firm has seen 3 fail (at different sites) in the last 4 months or so. I took a brief look at the dead units and nothing was overly obvious (i.e. no burn marks, etc), but it does look like the RAM chips is damaged. My guess... and take that for what it's worth ... is that some level of input power disturbance (voltage spike, etc) is not filtered/protected within the FX and thus carries on to its internal power bus and damages the RAM. Since Tridum does not repair these I am going to doing some further forensics as well as changing out the RAM, etc to see if I can resurrect the units (and use them for internal testers if I get them working).

Anyway, I just wanted to see if anyone else is seeing this level of field failure or has any insight into this issue.

Thanks in advance!