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    Cool Advice on 3.5 Ton 15 Rheem Unit


    I live in Northeast Florida and I am in the market for a new Air Handler and Compressor. I have been researching Rheem and Carrier 3 Ton Units. I did some cost analysis on both and found that the 15 seer Comfort Series unit was the only cost effective unit. It would only take me 4.7 years to recoup the difference in cost between the 15 seer unit and the 13 seer unit. I used a calc I found on line at to determine how long it would take me to recoup my initial cost of the units compared to the minimum 13 seer Unit. I could not justify spending $$k vs. $k for the less expensive units. With the 16 seer it would take me 30 years to recoup my initial outlay. With the 19 seer a little over 19 years and the 20 seer 20 years. The units just do not last that long this close to the beach to justify spending that much money for a unit that probably at best will last me 10-13 yrs. Any thoughts on this? My calc is as follows:

    -36,000 BTU divided by Seer Number= Watts
    -Watts divided by 1000 = x thousand watt units which is the number of kwh your air conditioner consumes each hour
    -Then Determine the number of hours annually that your unit will be operational based on your geographic location. In Florida it is about 2500 hours annually.
    -Multiply the number of kwh your air conditioner consumes from step 2 above x the number hours annually your unit is operational = KWH annual consumption
    - Now you convert this figure to annual cost. You take the KWH annual consumption and multiply it by cost of each KWH which can be found on your electric bill. In my area of Northeast FL the cost is .12041 per kwh
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