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    Heat Pump Help Please

    I just had my heat pump replaced and had a new carrier 2.5 ton unit installed. My question is what temps to set the lockout features of my t-stat at both aux and compressor. My t-stat lennox with an outdoor sensor. Any thoughts from u pros?

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    can't imagine why that wasn't done when system was brought online;

    but, since the crystal ball is broken; here is generic answer_ somewhere in the 30-35 degree range, what ever works for your situation.

    only the installing contractor that Should have done a heat loss calculation has the most accurate answer.
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    I believe he did do a calculation, he came into the house with temp gauge and read the intake and vents, they recommended setting the compressor lockout at 40. However, I have been seeing aux heat on more than my liking so I set it to 35. They did not set aux lockout at all. Is this because it is not necessary, or just negligence?

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