I want to thank you for this web site. I've been a guest menber since 2004 and have posted several suggestions over the years to help other techs. I've been in the in the refrigeration trade since 1990. My main area's for service has been HVAC, low temp, super market racks and it goes on. With my new job I have to work on 4 York chillers. The controls, hydraulics and theory I have no problem. Some aspects of these units I did and do have a learning curve. I have posted a couple questions in open forum in chillers that the pro tech helped walk me through the problems.
Thank you !

I think you should keep both a open forum and a pro forum. A pro tech will know when it should go to a pro status like has just happen to me. I have just been approved to go pro by the commitee and waiting for the site to upgrade my status. There is a lot of questions that can be answered on this area that does not require an EPA card.

Please keep both forums