So my HVAC fan motor has always been loud since we bought the condo. The motor finally died so I replaced it myself with an A.O. smith motor and it's been loud and is hard to start. I left the fan on "on" and just dealt with the loud noise for a couple months. Then last week it completely locked up. Luckily Grainger replaced the motor under warranty but now the new one is doing the same thing. It's loud when running and does not really start up. It sorts cranks slowly and usually needs me to spin the wheel to start.

I did not replace the blower wheel but it looks okay, also the wheel is not hitting anything so its not making the loud rubbing noise. I figure the loud noise is from the wheel being out of balance, but would that cause a brand new motor to start failing after 2 days? an out of balanced motor shouldn't prevent it from starting, would it?

Also I did need to purchase a capacitor when buying the 1st motor. Not sure why the old motor did not require one.

The grainger review said someone had same issue and replaced with Dayton motor. I just don't want to spend the money on another motor and have the same issue.