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    Need advice on buying a new furnace

    I have a 78 year old converted coal gas forced hot air furnace that I am planning on replacing. I can't replace the blower/burner so the whole thing has to go. I got one price for a Trane xb90 125,000 BTU for a 3500s/f house that is 3 bricks thick with an insulated attic and all new windows... for $x. This includes removal of the old furnace and connecting to the old ductwork....a full installation. I got one other price of $x from someone who said I need twin units. I am near Gettysburg, PA. These prices seem high to me based on research I've done. Also, I've read good and bad things about Trane and about the XB90. I would like to pay extra for a good quality, long lasting furnace. Any suggestions on brands and models would be greatly appreciated as then I could go find an installer that carries that line. I'd love to get 78 years out of the new one!
    Thank you very much,
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    The first thing I would recommend is having a manual J load calculation done. This will tell you what your heating requirements are. There is no reason to guess at what you need. My second peice of advice would be to find a contractor that you are very comfortable with (regardless of what brand he installs). I would be more concerned with the quality of the installation over the brand of the unit. If you want 78 years out of this furnace, it's ALL in the install, sizing and ductwork. Decide carefully. Good luck

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    first thing you need is a load calculation to determin the correct size of unit needed ,it is likely that the duct system is to small .the Trane xb is the cheap trane i would get the xt95,or xv95 they have ecm motors and burn less electricity. as for price read the rules it is not allowed
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