Hello. I have been reading several articles on this site about my future air conditioner and it has helped me make informed choices so I wanted to say thank you to all who post here. I have pretty much decided on a Trane XR-15 for my home. I wanted to ask the pros to look at the models I have been quoted to make sure these are a good match for each other. I have no way to research the coil or furnace to make sure they are matches myself. I have no reason to not believe they are correct, but I like to do my homework before a major purchase. I am specifically interested to see if this combination (assuming correct installation) will give me the maximum SEER and EER possible with this unit. Trane rates it as "up to 17 SEER". Is this even possible?

Trane XR-15 4-Ton 4TTR5048E
Coil 4FXFH060
Furnace TUD1C080A9H4

This is the lower unit in my future 1.5 story home. It will be conditioning 2700 sq ft that is insulated with cellulose filled 2x6 walls. I will have return air in all bedrooms, and an fresh air inlet as well.

The upper unit is the 2-Ton version of this.

I went with the XR-15 due to its minimal cost over the XB-14 and the poor reviews and high cost of the XL-16i.

Thanks to anyone who can provide assistance and recommendations!