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    What is the micro amp reading you are getting . Check your flame sensor , I am not 1000 percent sure what you should get on that unit but if you are below 4, I would pull your sensor, clean it, and then check what reading you are getting. IF you are getting 4-5 your sensor is not your problem. I am not familiar with this unit, but it is a start.

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    Hey one more thing i thought of after i watchd the video.... This unit is a propane unit and the tank isnt low on propane is it?

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    had a unit with issues like that and it was the thermostat. both times unit was a trane with a bay 19 zone sensor. unit would run great while i was there, but when i left it would shut down

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    I'd check the flame sensor(or pilot ground), blower leakage to the burner compartment and ignition module.....etc.

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    Is there a heater in the compartment for the gas valve on the unit? -25C could be a little cold for that valve.

    If all the components are clean for heating, flame sensor, burners, etc...try checking for proper and good ground. I have had some weird things happen without a good and clean ground on those ignition modules.

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    Your photos are all over the place. Might want to check them settings so everybody doesn't get to see all. If it is propane temp may be too low even if tank is partially full.
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    use an analog meter on gas valve voltage, it will swing the needle if voltage drops

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