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    diy air filtration for a laser cutter (odor + particles + smoke)

    Hi guys ,

    I am super fresh here and hope I am posting this in the right place, asking for some assistance.
    I am trying to build my own air filter for a laser cutter which i am using indoors.

    the idea is super simple : have a fan suck in the exhaust of the laser cutter,
    pass it through a carbon filter and then through a hepa filter,
    and spit it out into the room.

    I've got a few design questions I was hoping to run by the pros here:

    1. what order should i position the filters ? hepa first ? carbon first ?
    2. I was thinking of using this fan for the intake :

    Officially it is capable of 240 CFM, so that should move some air from place to place.

    Now, since at the other end of the fan I am going to place my filters (carbon + hepa), there is going to be a pressure drop,
    How can i calculate the minimum size of the filters so that the fan will be able to sustain that pressure drop ?

    Thank you in advance,

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    Sorry strictly no DIY on this site, there is a a section that will help you locate a reputable professional in your area to help you, I think its in the ask our pros section.

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