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    field assistance

    Does any one know if you can use carrier field assistance on ALC CONTROLS

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    ALC WC 5.2 has their own Field Assistant feature, very much like i-Vu, but as usual, more bells and whistles. The two systems are factory HARD Coded internally to keep the Carrier controls i-Vu contractors from taking over the ALC dealer accounts with their i-Vu stuff. The i-Vu Field Assistant is restricted to only deal with device instances and networks that start with the Carrier BACnet vendor number 16. Learn more about BACnet and your i-Vu tools, and you will find that there are simple ways around these issues without changing any Carrier or ALC factory software, or hardware coding, or violating any ALC or Carrier rules. Its all in the Java and BACnet brother!

    PS, I like both products, as they target different sections of the market, and there is plenty of room for both.
    I have been working with both product lines for about 20 years.

    Have fun

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