Hello, I need some help from a specialist. I am an owner of a condo. In our condo we have a fire/smoke damper set up. Keeping these dampers open allow air conditioning and heating to flow throughout the three story condo nicely. For some reason, one of my dampers closes for no reason which does not allow air to come down to a part of the bottom level. I go up to the attic and flip a switch(Just like a wall light switch) nothing happens. When I click it back up the damper opens, which is what I want. But for some reason the actuator reacts after about 5 minutes and the damper closes again. In the damper their is what looks like a smoke alarm, and this does light up with redlights when the damper closes. I have to open a door on top of the damper to see it.

I am wander what is causing this? I would like to fix this myself if possible. Thanks you!