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Sorry, right to work state. We don't talk union around these parts.
Its true that not many local service guy's know that there is union representation here in N.C.
UA Local 421 is based out of North Charleston, S.C. and does have local BA's here in North Carolina.

Local 421 is not strong here and there are only a handful of signatory contractors. Last I checked they only pay around $25.00 an hour, and I wonder if they have a national pension plan or retirement fund. I think they do have a training facility somewhere here.

As far as I can see 421 is not aggressive here in N.C. and there maybe some reason to that and most of it is personal dating way back in another time.

The pay scale here is no where near the national average which is somewhere in the the range of $34.00 per hour in addition to benefits. But that's not to say that a seasoned service mechanic can easily make that here. There is one BIG catch though.....you have to know someone to get that kind of money here.

But the truth of it here is that if you are after the money..... you will have to work hard for it here. You can not be doing any kind of residential work and expect to make the National average.
Again I am talking about here N.C. only.

I would like to hear some opinions or facts on N.C. ....so please share

But I am still learning and looking for a new mentor.
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