Hey Everyone, I've been sending out resumes and answering online ads since I graduated trade school in Dec and finally got a response via email this morning. In their response, they asked me how much I was looking to make. I'm sure they know how much they are willing to pay, so I don't want to price myself too low because I've learned a lot in trade school with a ton of hands-on classroom experience including full installs, wiring and troubleshooting however I don't want to come in too high either since I'm anxious to find a job and getting some real world experience. Even though I excelled in class, I know there is so much to learn and I can only learn in the real world.

So, can anyone give me an idea of what the average pay for a first year, trade school graduate, non union apprentice would be? Although money is not as important to me as the experience at this point, I do have a family and would like to make a fair wage. Thanks!