To give some background, I live in Jacksonville, FL and have a Carrier FA4BNF036 system. We were having problems with our AC not cooling properly and it was determined that our accumulator was leaking and needed to be replaced and the system recharged with R22. That was completed a few days ago, but now I'm noticing that the heating isn't working properly. We set our heat to 70 at night and the other morning it was showing 66 in the house with the auxillary heat running. This morning it was showing 68 in the house with the heat constantly running. The temperatures haven't been that cold over the last few nights (in the 40's) so it doesn't make sense to me that the heat isn't able to keep up. The repair company is supposed to be coming back out, but could this at all be related? I want to be at least somewhat knowledgeable when they come back and want to make sure that I'm not charged for something that might have been there error. Thanks for the help!