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    I'm wondering if this discussion is including tech support for commercial along with tech support for residential/light commercial? My experience is with commercial only. Too bad the OP didn't provide a model number. I see he hasn't been back since his first post.

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    They do have tech support but it they generally won't speak to contractors- it's designed for Trane techs.
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    I've gone through my local Trane branch for commercial tech support a few times. It's always been a 3way conversation with the Trane counter guy, tech support and myself. I think the relationship you have with your local Trane parts office will play a huge role on how quickly they will provide assistance. The tech support was great too!
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    The last time I used Trane tech support I called the local guys who then had to register my cell phone numb, name, co name, etc and then I was patched in and got a return call. New system for them in the last few months.

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    Guess this is the advantage of working for the 500 lb gorilla in the mechanical room; If the local office and local tech support rep can't help, the Richmond office will have an answer by end of day about 97% of the time and the factory tech reps will call me the other 3%.

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