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    Stupid question about replace manual valve on Star Griddle 648M

    I am going to be replacing a the right side on-off valve on a Star Griddle, model 648M and I was wondering, since the valves are screwed into the top of the manifold and there is a bracket welded to it right beside the valve, how can the old valve be unscrewed when it will hit the bracket as I and unscrewing it. The same question would apply to putting a new one on. Am I supposed to disassemble the valve so it has room to get by and then reassemble it? This seems really stupid.... I must not be seeing something....
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    Disassemble it. Remove the orifice as well. That's often necessary when replacing valves on griddles and gas stoves. Then reassemble the new one properly. I generally reuse the original orifice.

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    Yes. Most units are built this way. Remember, don't mix tapered plugs. Make sure the parts to back into the valve body they came out of. This is important.

    These valves come apart so they can be re-greased on a regular basis as preventive maintenance.

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    Put a little pipe dope on the tapered threads...helps guarantee no leaks...

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