In the process of installing a new Tridium/Distech control system in a small campus project and part of the project involves integrating a few Invensys buildings into the system. For the small buildings with a few Microzone 2 controllers and a GCM, we just replaced the the MZ's with a new Jace and ECB controllers. One of the larger buildings has a dozen MZ's and a GCM which we plan on installing a new Jace with the Maxline ASD driver and recreating the global control logic in the Jace. The newest building (2 years old) is full of LON devices and iLon 600 controllers which report back to the Wonderware front-end.

I am looking for the best way to integrate the LON network into the Tridium AX without touching the existing bindings or front end.

Looked at the LON IP driver but was told by another vendor I know with much more LON experience to simple install a Jace with LON and learn (Not discover) the network. Need to write to setpoints, and would like to access the schedules.