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    how is the Idaho Job Market?

    I'm getting really sick of California. Thinking about leaving before they take all my money.
    Looking around at different states. I know it gets cold in Idaho the winter, does the industry basically stop in the summer time due to mild weather?
    Is it a union state or a right to work state? I don't wanna join a union.
    I'd be lookin at a position from a senior selling technicians viewpoint.
    Thanks for any info.
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    Where at in Idaho? It's a big state.
    No the industry doesn't stop, but it can definitely slow down. It also depends on the construction market at the time.
    It's a right to work state.
    I guess I don't know what a 'senior selling technician' is? Commercial/Residential and more details.

    It's all about the company you work for and how they plan. The company I worked for rarely laid people off, I moved prior to the recession though, but was there for over 11 yrs. They just set up maintenance schedules as such to keep a guy busy all year. Granted it could get slow in early spring, but we re-scheduled some stuff to make sure coil cleaning and such was done during that time and it really helped.
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