Model# RCS- 10 YTS

Problem- everything functions except the microwave radiation effect

Obviously I called tech support and they ended up saying the magnatron was bag. Note; the unit was pulling 4-5 amps when the original magnatron was in and had it trying to microwave something but nothing.
The fan cuts on when the door opens and pulls about 0.4 amps but nothing anywhere else. So tech support said ohm the secondary to ground and it should have from 75-95 ohms and it had 85. Remember the fuse inside is fine. Tech support said of all that checks out then it's the magnatron which was under warranty. Got the new part, installed and still nothing. Tech support said it should be pulling around 14 amps at the transformer but nothing. Is there any advice I could get? Door switch works and things like like. It's a simple thing why does it have to be difficult. Thanks