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    American Standard System Feedback

    Below are the components for an American Standard System we were quoted. Looking for feedback to see if it is a good fit for our home. N.W. Iowa, 1000 sq ft. ranch,finished basement. Thanks again.
    Sorry I do not have all the components, I would appreciated feedback on what I can give you for now.

    Furnace Freedom 95 2-stage variable speed blower AUH2
    A/C 2 ton 13 Seer 4A7A3U24
    Coil all he gave me was it is a Case coil
    Stat 2 stage heat, single stage cooling

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    thats a good setup depending what coil it should be a 14 seer system ,also the smallest furnace in that lineis a 60000 btu.
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    Quote Originally Posted by catmanacman View Post
    thats a good setup depending what coil it should be a 14 seer system ,also the smallest furnace in that lineis a 60000 btu.
    The furnace we are going with is the 60000 btu. I do not have the exact model of the coil but I know it is an American Standard all aluminum coil, I think either platinum or gold series.

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    The 60K on high fire likely will be noisy due to the amount of air it will want to move and the duct system of a small house. My house is that size with same size furnace. I keep high shut off except for a fast warmup on a bitter day. I should have gone with a smaller furnace but the brand I have gave me a deal I couldn't refuse!

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    IF the quote does not provide specific model numbers,
    ___ you'll have to
    _____ Get what you get & Don't have a fit ( for the next several decades).
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    I second Baldloonies comments.

    While the XV95 or same identical AmStd furnace is very nice, you will be purchasing a two stg furnace while rarely if ever needing the high stage. Of course that depends on the model thermostat dealer has quoted. You want a nice two stage thermostat to control staging, not timer on control board.

    Why do good dealers continue to install wrong thermostats that shortchange the capabilities of nice HVAC?

    I personally would shop for furnace better sized to your heating load.


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