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    Humidifier keeps running water even when furnace off

    Hey Guys, my humidifier keeps running water even when the furnace turns off
    water keeps going through the soilniod valve and keeps running.
    i thought it was a faulty soilnoid valve so i replaced it and no cigar. then i changed the thermostat on the humidifier and nothing
    i opened up the furnace. the 2 wires black and white are running to a transponder then from their the white is plugged into NEUTRAL and the black plugged into L1

    ANY thoughts on the himidifer turning on and off when the furnace goes on?

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    Get a pro out to determine why the humidifier is operating when it shouldn't be

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    It is wired incorrectly. Call your contractor to have it fixed. We are not allowed to give specific do it yourself advice in the open areas of this forum.
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    where can i get help wiring it right by doing it myself

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    You need a current relay or some other type of proving device to interlock it's operation with heat or fan on. No one here will help you with this. I would either call someone or look at the installation instructions. Good luck

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2funr1 View Post
    where can i get help wiring it right by doing it myself
    You could have saved yourself the effort by reading the forum rules which clearly state "NO DIY."
    Please don't ask for it.

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