I currently don't hold an inspectors license but the DBS is giving some time to acquire one once hired.I have 20 years of residential work with nothing over 5T RTU,s commercial wise.I interviewed for this position two months ago and someone else was hired.Today I get a call to come in Friday for an interview.The position will be for a city that DBS has taken over doing inspections.

I know the HVAC inspector in the city as he used to be the HVAC Dept.Manager for DBS.I also know the current Dept. Manager for DBS.Both of these guys have known me for more than 10 years.Here is the issue.I am a type A personality and both of the other guys are very very conservative.They both take 20 minutes to answer a question.Imagine a lot of that is from the politics of their positions.It will be a three person panel for the interview,HVAC,plumbing and the HR rep.Thought the interview went well last time but apparently not.Any pointers for the new interview?