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    Wow @ that picture! ... I spent most of the last few days on the roof for hours at a time and I'm in the north east. Layers keep me warm enough to barely be effected by the cold and wind. I also put a mask on and stick foot warmers in my socks. I'm looking forward to slightly warmer weather only because I'm so so busy I can't get a break

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    And people ask me why I love living in Phoenix, where it can be over 110 in the summer. We don't have to shovel it. People go from their air conditioned house to their air conditioned car to their air conditioned office.

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    Speaking from the other lake effect spot, I will take snow over earthquakes, mudslides, tornadoes, hurricanes, fires, flooding, all the venomous critters you have. So it was 10F out this am, dressing layers and some whiskey to the coffee, all is good.

    Oh and by the way snupytcb and I sit on the most beautiful lakes in the land, everything has a price and this is a price I will pay.

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    We had upper 50's with a bright blue sky, just a whisp of a breeze, and really low humidity. Worked in a T-shirt a few hours in the afternoon.

    Do understand not wanting wind storms or other natural stuff... however mounds of snow... no thanks...

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    Quote Originally Posted by toocoolforschool View Post
    I think your heat pump needs defrosting
    Yea...possibly a bad defrost board?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jnsrose View Post
    -17,WTF. How do you work at that temp? I feel guilty for complaining about our 12-18 deg morning on the roof. How do you keep warm?
    snupytcp gave you a good rundown... Done full shifts at -35 no problem.. Well a bit of a problem with the feet (got boots "rated to -40" which means they're only good to about -10C or 20F), but they are a couple of sizes too big, so a couple of layers of socks did the trick (this was work in the bush, no refrigeration needed there ). Layering is the key and the only 2 things that should be allowed to be touching your skin are wool and wick-away synthetic. Cotton is DEATH as you sweat, it retains moisture and there goes your clothes' R value

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    It snowed here too.................In 1993

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